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Sizing is extremely important to you.  If it is too tight it will pop off your wrist when you flex your  muscles.  If it is too loose it will catch on things and come off your wrist.  If an ankle bracelet is too loose it will slide over the ankle bone and slide into your shoes under your foot.  Many of our competitors use 1/2" increments for their products.  We us 1/4" for our bracelets.  This doubles our inventory, but it is that important.

The best way to measure is to use a sewing tape.  Place the tip of your index finger at the spot where you want the bracelet to rest.  Then measure the wrist including the fingertip.  This will provide sufficient space for the bracelet to move a little on your arm.  Another method is to measure the wrist and add 1/4" 
to your measurement.

If the bracelet is too loose or too tight, please return it for a no charge replacement.  Please write a note telling us what is to be done.